Double Sided Sidewinder

Roller Banners come in a variety of different styles (from the base unit, graphic attachment mechanisms & sizes) each one has its own unique use and purpose from the economy range right through to the high end range.

Today we shall be looking at the double sided version of the Sidewinder roller banner, the durability of the unit, ease of use, sectors who could utilise the product and the overall efficiency of the sidewinder as a marketing tool.

The Sidewinder double-sided roller banner is designed to impress. When not in use the base is sleek and stylish, but when you are running an important advertisement, do you really want the base itself on display, possibly detracting from the effectiveness of your marketing campaign? In most cases, the answer is of course you don’t. This is where the clever design and thinking behind the Sidewinder really speaks volumes. The sidewinder roller banner graphic comes out from the bottom of the unit, with a simple gentle pull you can recover the graphic from inside the unit and attach to the top pole at a fixed height of 2160mm, by ensuring the graphic is taken from the bottom of the unit it means that you do not see the system at all, and with our invisible top hanger this ensures that after all that hard work of designing the advert only the graphic is shown.

  • The Sidewinder double-sided roller banner offers double the advertising power
  • Allows you to advertise two campaigns at a time all from one unit
  • Can be used as a single sided banner when only one graphic display is required
  • Ideal for overseas travel allowing you to market to different countries in their native language. Simply have one language one side, and another on the other without the need to change graphics.

The roller banner is so versatile it can be used in any business sector that wishes to advertise products or services. Placed in high visibility areas to attract passing trade can make such a positive impact on your business.

The Sidewinder promises:

  • A size option to suit any location, offering a truly versatile range of widths – 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1500mm wide.
  • All size options available as either a single or double-sided roller banner.
  • Unique full graphic appearance – your message is the only thing you see when the system is assembled.
  • The graphic can be changed quickly and easily due to the hook and loop fastener fixing method.
  • Self-adhesive top hanger
  • Fixed height poles allow the graphic to be rapidly set-up to the correct height every time.
  • Never lose your pole set, with the Sidewinders integral pole design.
  • The patented adjustable ratchet mechanism enables the graphic tension to be easily adjusted to suit all compatible graphic substrates (if required).
  • Anti-slip base
  • A deluxe carry bag with 30mm thick padded ends means the Sidewinder can be transported regularly or stored away when not in use without any worry of damage.

Double Sided Sidewinder