We are pleased to announce the appointment of Teresa Humphries to the position of Director and General Manager for Plex Display Ltd.

Teresa is no stranger to Plex Display, having worked within the company previously for 19 years. She remained within the Reddiplex Group, moving into the role of General Manager and Director of Reddiseals, the country’s leading distributor of sash window products.

As part of her new role within Plex Display, Teresa will be helping to move the company onto its next exciting phase of development and will now be managing both distribution companies for the Reddiplex Group in the UK and in the export markets.

“I’m looking forward to re-joining the Plex Display team and working together on some exciting new projects,” Teresa says. “The company is performing incredibly well and it’s a great time to be involved.”

We’ve no doubt that Teresa’s creative flair and distribution skills will be well exercised in her newly appointed role and the team at Plex Display are excited to see what the future holds.