Christmas Fair

7 Tips to Make the Most of Your Christmas Fair Stand

We’re reaching the time of year where Christmas Fairs are coming in thick and fast and as more people become involved in creating their own cottage industries, there is more demand on DIY stands and stalls.

We’ve put together some tips on making the best out of your stall this winter and maximising your profit.

  1. Recruit a friend – two people on the stall enables you to leave for toilet breaks when you need to and if you’re busy with a customer, your friend can ensure you don’t miss out on other potential sales.
  2. Select the best display equipment to sell your wares – your stall is the first impression potential customers will have of your business – make sure you stand out and are well organised. Be aware of your stand area size before the event so you ensure you have the appropriate equipment on the day.
  3. Drum up interest in advance – Try and promote the fair on your website or Facebook in advance to let your customers know you’ll be there. You can also hand out business cards which will direct people to your website page if you have one so they can find you afterwards.
  4. Use the opportunity to be inspired by others – Take the time to look around the fair and get inspiration and ideas from other vendors. Use the opportunity to network which will help you in future.
  5. Be organised – Ensure you have enough stock, dependent upon the size of the show or fair you’re intending on doing. There’s nothing worse than seeing everything fly off the shelves and knowing you haven’t got enough to satisfy demand! If you do run out – don’t fear – take customer details and arrange the sale with them after the fair.
  6. Don’t be disheartened – if the fair doesn’t go quite as well as you had intended, don’t feel despondent. How can you improve for next time? Was the fair not quite right for your product? Did you engage with customers and attempt to upsell other products? How many contacts did you make and could you make more? Use the experience to build on your next stall.
  7. Follow up is everything – The real sales may not come at the actual fair, the follow up is just as important. Direct as many customers as you can to your website or Facebook page, the best way to do this is by producing flyers and business cards. If a customer expresses an interest in a product that’s not currently on the stands, take their information and contact them after the show.

We hope our tips send you well on your way to success! It’s essential to prepare for your event and display your products in the most professional way – we can help with this at Plex Display. You’re sure to find signage and display that will work for you!