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As the cold weather finally relents we all begin to migrate outdoors, for sport and leisure or hospitality and entertainment. Cafés and Restaurants operate within local attractions, theme parks, sports and activity complexes, shopping centres, department stores, etc. as well as their usual high street and retail park locations and are integral to the total venue experience for many customers.

So in these situations how does your client, the proprietor, get their message across to potential customers in the most effective, striking and practical way? Well a Café Barrier system is the ideal choice, giving them an opportunity to advertise their business and the services offered, whilst sectioning off spaces to suit customer flow and acting as a wind break. A smartly presented area is far more likely to attract customers, as this initial perception of the establishment extends far beyond the seating area – if it looks old and tired on the outside then questions could be asked as to the cleanliness of the kitchen inside.

Plex offer tried and tested, quality Café Barrier systems to suit all budgets so be sure to include them within your range of outdoor signage and display products.