Display Stand Elements

Exhibition season is in full swing with major events happening all around the UK. Company exhibition organisers and professionals will have a lot to think about once they have decided to exhibit at a show.

Probably the most important element of organizing an exhibition is the presentation of the display stand. Organisers will have to consider how they are going to present the general look of the stand and how they will present key information.

Presenting information at any exhibition is extremely important and can determine the success of the whole show!

So how can organisers present key information?

1. Roller Banners or Pull-Up Banners

Roller Banners provide a cost effective system to display key information in an eye-catching way. Exhibiting at events can be costly to businesses with a smaller budget. Roller banners are the perfect solution for displaying information, grabbing attention and drawing in the crowds. Roller Banners are available in different widths which gives the organisers plenty of options to consider.

2. Pop-Up Display Stands

Pop-Up display stands are the ultimate display which can create a real impact at any event or exhibition. Organisers can create the perfect backdrop to create a real eye-catching environment. Not only are Pop-Ups engaging but they create a designated area, allowing you to create a bespoke professional business environment.

3. Literature Stands

Prior to exhibiting marketing managers will be tasked with creating the business literature to feature at the shows. The last thing you want is beautiful leaflets untidily displayed around the stand. The presentation of your literature reflects upon the business itself so organisers will be looking for a neat and tidy solution. Literature stands are the perfect solution for storing and displaying marketing material. Literature stands can be placed strategically around the display stand in order to encourage people to pick up and engage with company literature.

4. iPad/Tablet Holders

iPads and Tablets are becoming an essential element of exhibitions. Businesses use iPads and tablets to both display and extract information from stand visitors. To be able to place the iPads and tablets in front of visitors, businesses will need an iPad/Tablet holder. The holders will allow iPads and tablets to be displayed at a convenient height to interact with and can also streamline the procedure of customers requesting more information if they are able to fill out a form digitally.
iPad and tablet holders create a modern impression of a company and the stand will look well presented, sleek and sophisticated.

5. Rope Barriers

Rope Barriers can be used to direct and co-ordinate people to stands. Organisers can give visitors the VIP treatment by using the rope barriers in a red carpet style. This can create a VIP walkway to stands which can be great if you want to strategically co-ordinate people to a certain area of your stand.