Pedestrian Guidance Systems are an inexpensive yet effective way to assist with queueing or guiding people in busy areas. These cost effective systems are suitable for temporary use when you just need to provide a clear way finding route for short term measures, or for longer term use such as in airports.

Have you ever stopped to think about where Pedestrian Guidance Systems could be utilised? If not, there are an array of different business sectors that would benefit from using such a system. To give you some ideas of where you could put a Pedestrian Guidance System to good use here are some examples below.

  • Education Sector

  • Government Sector

  • Healthcare Sector

  • Airports and Travel Industry Sector

  • Retail Sector

  • Canteens

There are various choices of Pedestrian Guidance Systems on the open market. Here at Plex we understand the need for choice, style and being able to tailor the system to different business types, be that the need for additional signage on the system, or rope or belt colours that resonate the company colours or style.

Take a look at our Queue Management System now.


  • Polished stainless steel finish
  • 4 way connectivity on each post
  • 1040mm high (post, base and belt cartridge assembled)
  • Non slip rubber base, prevents damage to floor when moving
  • 2000mm retractable webbing belt
  • Belt colours available in Black, Red or Blue
  • Tamper proof locking mechanism
  • Simple 3 part kit, screw-in assembly
  • 7KG total weight

Or perhaps you are looking for a Rope Barrier System? Plex have recently added new accessories to our rope post and base providing a choice of different post toppers, as well as a choice of Red, Black or Blue rope.

Rope Post and Base

  • Pedestrian guidance system
  • 940mm, 1016mm & 1240mm heights (Flat top, Ball top & Sign holder respectively)
  • 7.5KG to 8.15KG total weight (Flat top, Ball top & Sign holder respectively)
  • Polished stainless steel finish
  • Sign holder size is A4 Portrait (double-sided)
  • Non slip rubber base, prevents damage to floor when moving
  • Simple 3 part kit, screw-in assembly
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use