Whether you like it or not Pokémon Go mania is happening and it doesn’t look like it is going to fade out anytime soon. The augmented reality mobile game has had over 20 million downloads and now has more daily active users than Twitter. Its popularity is sweeping the nation after it was made available to download in the UK last week. The market value of Nintendo is now estimated at £28.8bn. Nintendo’s shares have doubled since the Pokémon Go launch. Some may believe ‘It’s just kids playing it’ and they are wrong – people of all ages are actively trying to ‘catch them all’.

So what is this game all about?

The idea of the game is for players to catch as many of the 151 Pokémon characters as they can, which they track down through a Pokémon-themed version of Google Maps. When a player sees a Pokémon on their screen they can catch the Pokémon by hitting them with ‘Pokéballs’.

But what could this mean for Businesses?

Let’s look at the benefits to businesses and how they can jump on the Pokémon Go bandwagon!

PokéStops – A Point of Interest

Businesses can take advantage of nearby PokéStops by purchasing and creating a ‘lure’ (£0.79). A ‘lure’ can attract Pokémon for a certain amount of time in one area. Business owners can purchase ‘lures’ within the app and place them at PokéStops. If your business is a stop or is located near one you can attract a large amount of Pokémon Go players to come and visit your business or be exposed to the latest advertising offers.

Advertising to Pokémon Go Players using Pavement Signage

You can target your advertising to attract specific Pokémon Go players! Give them 10% off their bill if they stop at your business. “Pokémon Go Guests: There are Pokémon here”. You can get really creative and place Pokémon themed pavement signage near your business in order to drive traffic.

Use Pokémon Go Players to Attract More Visitors

A great idea to save business owners paying for ‘Lures’ themselves is to reward other Pokémon Go players for creating ‘Lures’ near or at your business. This way it will attract more potential customers, increase sales and increase awareness. Reward them in ways such as “Create a lure and get 20% off your food bill.”

Social Media Check-In Rewarding

Create offers to encourage people to check in at your business! Like our Facebook page and check in with “Great stop for Pokémon” and get 2 for 1 on main meals.

Potential Opportunities that Could Happen

Sooner or later people believe that Pokémon Go will allow businesses to sponsor a location and turn it into a PokéStop. Businesses will pay to be listed as a stop which will attract a lot of new Pokémon Go customers.

TIP- Make sure your register and update your business details on Google My Business.

A frame

So now we have looked at the opportunities for businesses, what are the overall concerns about Pokémon Go?…

Unwanted Pokémon Go Players

The last thing you want is Pokémon Go players hanging around your premises when they are not wanted. Players could take up tables in your café without making any purchase or hanging around the entrance to your business getting in customers’ way. Crowds of Pokémon players could put off potential customers if there is a collection of Pokémon Go zombies outside!

Dangerous Stops

It has been reported that some Pokémon Go players have found PokéStops in dangerous places such as abandoned mines, where people would normally avoid. In Bosnia players have been warned about hunting Pokémon on MINEFIELDS!

Crime ‘Lures’

One of the main concerns is vulnerable Pokémon Go players been ‘lured’ in by robbers who are looking to prey on them using Pokémon Go ‘lures’.

PokéStops in Bad Places

Reports have suggested that a big pokestop has been found in an A&E department in a hospital. This is certainly bad as visitors to A&E and staff do not want a load of Pokémon Go players turning up in a hospital to catch Pokémon. Reports have also suggested that Pokémon Go players were congregating around police stations in an attempt to catch Pokémon. This caused a security alert as police were concerned as to why so many people were hanging around taking photos of the station.

Love it or hate it, Pokémon Go is here to stay! Our advice for businesses is to assess what it could mean to them and act accordingly. It could create huge opportunities for businesses big or small throughout the UK!