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The Omega roller banner is a unique, user friendly fabric roller banner system that is available in either grey, black, red or blue colours.
Simply add the supplied adhesive hook fastener to a poster and then attach this directly to the Velcro® friendly fabric.

For easy transportation and protection each Omega is supplied with a padded carry bag. To set the unit up for use, just attach the two stabilising feet and the fixed bungeed pole and then extend the fabric panel up, lifting the top hanger onto the top of the pole through the hole in its centre.
You are now ready to attach the hook fastener to the back of your posters, spreadsheet, charts, graphs, timetables, artwork, etc, etc and then directly onto the fabric panel. You should only need to cut off a small square of the fastener to use on each corner for A4 sheets, for larger media add extra to suit.

The Plex Omega is the portable roller banner that can be used again and again!

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• 780mm wide, single sided.
• Visible fabric height 2000mm.
• Choice of four hook Velcro® friendly fabric colours (grey, black, red or blue)
• Fixed height pole set.

• Padded carry bag included.
• Supplied with 1m hook fastener to attach your posters.
• Light option available.
• Customisable Ends Trims


Omega Fabric Colours
Omega End Plate and Size

Some examples of how the Omega could be fully utilised are:

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Why not accessorise the Omega with a light?

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