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This month we have been concentrating on Forecourt Signage and exploring ways in which a forecourt sign can help grow your business and reach a much wider audience. Today we take a look at another popular forecourt sign, the H2O Swingmaster. However, remember it is not just exclusively for forecourts. Take a look at some other sectors that would benefit with the H2O Swingmaster below:

  • Pavement Advertising
  • Forecourts
  • Retail Promotions
  • Outdoor Events
  • Trade Fairs

The H2O Swingmaster is designed to help businesses attract more custom, drive sales and push promotions by reaching out to their specific target audience. The H2O Swingmaster can help achieve this and more, but the benefits of this sign don’t stop there! It can also help save time as well, due to the ease of the quick poster change facility; along with the added advantage that both sides of the sign can be utilised due to being double sided!

It can be easy to overlook the need for a sign change; however, if you take a look around you at other businesses and their signs, you instantly notice when a sign is looking weathered, drab or damaged. Sadly this detracts from the marketing campaign that is in place, thus making it less successful. Most of the time this isn’t down to the poster campaign, but the sign holding it which lets it down. Can you really afford for custom to be lost when it is really such a quick fix?

Price is important, which is another good point of the H2O Swingmaster, as it is priced with affordability in mind, making it even easier for businesses operating on a tight budget to afford one. Take a look at some of the features below:

  • Doublesided outdoor forecourt sign, available in two sizes, A0 and A1
  • Steel reinforced rounded corners
  • Protective pads prevent damage to underside of base
  • Wheels in base allow unit to be easily manoeuvred into position
  • Water fillable base gives great stability even in adverse weather conditions
  • Base capacity; A1 – 26 litres and A050 litres
  • Quick and easy assembly, no additional tools required
H2O Swingmaster